From supporting Christian-based philanthropic organizations to traveling all over the world offering humanitarian aid, the Duncans take philanthropy very seriously. They make it a priority not only to donate to causes that are important to them, but also to lend their skills whenever and wherever they can.

Because they care deeply about the homelessness issue in their home city, Brad and Julie Duncan donate to various organizations that support the homeless community and provide them with outreach opportunities. They’re also very supportive of national and international organizations that counteract homelessness all over the world through building homes. Chief among those nonprofits is Habitat for Humanity. In 2016, Julie traveled to Zacapa, Guatemala to help build homes for those in need. That experience enriched her life and has inspired her to continue her great work back home.

But that certainly wasn’t the first time Julie traveled abroad to aid others. Back in 2005, she traveled to Nigeria and Ghana with Gospel Communications International, a Christian nonprofit organization, to offer education about the HIV pandemic. She visited schools, villages, and orphanages. While there, she shared literature, film, and lots of hugs with the locals. During her visit, she also met with the president of Ghana, John Kufor, and J.C. Watts, a former Baptist minister and member of the U.S. House of Representatives. All in all, it was a remarkably eventful trip, and it’s had a lasting impact on both Brad and Julie’s commitment to philanthropy.

In addition to being committed to more international causes, the Duncans are also passionate about helping brighten up the lives of kids here at home. One cause in particular that has captured their hearts has been the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They donate regularly and help out whenever they can to help the dreams of children with life-threatening medical conditions come true.

When it comes right down to it, Brad and Julie Duncan care deeply about helping others. In everything they do, they try to think about how they can help and benefit their fellow man, and they feel incredibly blessed that they’re able to devote so much time and so many resources to making other people’s lives that much better each and every day.

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